Sunday, 14 April 2013

Blackcaps Are Back

Last weekend I went ringing with Scouse Ringer and we got some great success; we had the first Blackcap of the year, and  I got to ring it. This species of warbler takes an A size ring.

We found that this bird wasn't resident at this site, due to it having quite a bit of fat left (you can see these fat reserves in the picture below). We think it was just passing through and it would be great to know where it ends up for the Summer if another ringing group retrap it.

This Blackcap was a male bird, however my favorite bird experience of last week was a Goldfinch mainly because it was the first bird I held and ringed all by myself (unfortunately my dad didn't get a picture because he was talking to some one). 

This Blackcap has to be one of my most handsome of the year so far. The colours are simple but still quite striking.

Two warblers in one day... The next warblers we had were 4 Chiffchaff. All four of these birds had sticky pollen above their beaks due to them feeding on it.

We also caught three Goldcrest last week, the smallest bird in Europe; A stunning male below.

I was really looking forward to catching some male Chaffinch today, mainly because there beaks were changing colour and they were starting to get that really nice oily black colour just above there beak.

We also caught one female Goldcrest that had quite a bad case of feather mites (a harmless type of parasite).

You can read all about Scouse Ringers version of the day here on his Wilde About Worms post!


  1. I love the song of the Blackcap too Findlay.
    Lovely birds.
    You're certainly getting to handle a good variety, and learning so much in the process.

  2. Lovely post Findlay. I'd noticed that the male Chaffinches in our garden were starting to look a little different, but couldn't put my finger on what the change was - now I know, thanks to you!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Another wonderful experience for you Findlay. Blackcaps are lovely birds and to be able to see one as closely as you did is very special. Amazing to hold a tiny Goldcrest too!

  4. Looks like another great ringing! the birds are pretty, Findlay!

  5. you have such awesome birds there. the blackcap is very handsome, as is the chaffinch! the goldcrest is so cute!

  6. Blackcaps are lovely birds to see Findlay and I have even had them in my garden... my favourite images though are of you... you look so happy handling birds.

  7. Beautiful birds! So fun to hold them in your hands :))

  8. Great series of beautiful birds. You are fortunate to be able to get such close and detailed photos of the birds.

  9. Incredible species of so many different birds not seen in our part of the world. [cute helper too!!!]

  10. Nice birds - the colour on the gold crest is great. Glad you liked the Ducks from Down Under.

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  11. special moments for you again Findlay; I especially like the look of the handsome Goldcrest

  12. Such beautiful birds! And your posts are very informative. Looking forward to following your blog :-)

  13. Thank you for another very interesting post! The Goldcrest is a beauty! I think the black on his head makes the Blackcap appear larger than he really is.
    Congratulations on your first solo ringing with the Goldfinch! Good show!